What Katie Is Doing

What Is Katie Doing?

Let me tell you a little bit about me…

Who am I?

Hello there, I’m Katie, a slightly too-tall blonde Brit with a love for languages and an over-active sense of adventure. I’m a book-loving, colourful, meditation enthusiast that’s wavering between vegetarianism and veganism.

As a Spanish and Portuguese student at the University of Southampton, I spent June 2014- February 2015 in the small town of Bonito, Brazil, working as a tubing monitor through AIESEC in a tropical paradise. After my time in Brasil, three months of travelling introduced me to the delights of Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. I’m now more of a travel addict than ever and have a desperate need for sunshine and regular hits of foreign cultures.

I’m currently on year abroad take 2 on a placement at the University of Colima, Mexico, whilst building up my freelance translation and copywriting portfolio.

So why am I blogging? Travelling is one long life lesson, and things don’t always go smoothly, but I’d like to think the tips I pick up along the way could help someone else on the same adventure. I hope I can make a few fellow traveller’s lives easier by sharing my experiences.


Macchu PIcchu

My Travel Ethos 

I will:

Take the time to learn the language and gain a little insight into the local culture.

Do my best to travel sustainably, support local businesses and eat vegetarian or vegan when I can.

Travel slowly, making the most of each destination before moving on.

Let’s explore this miraculous world together.

The Quarter Life Crisis, Atacama Desert, What Katie Is Doing

Other places to see my work:

Land of the TravellerThirdyearabroad.com, The Wessex Scene

In need of a perfect translation or a marvellous piece of copy? Get in touch…

Instagram (whatkatieisdoing).



One thought on “What Is Katie Doing?

  1. Oriol Cobacho

    Hi Katie
    My name is Oriol and I am a MFL teacher in London. I recently set up a start-up to offer languages to individuals and companies.
    I really liked your blog (found it via onethirdstories).

    If you know of someone or some company interested in languages, because we are starting we would be happy to offer two free lessons (face to face or online) to the person you recommended.

    Well, thanks for your blog as it is what made me drop you a line.

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